Service Summary

Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

Hong Kong Children & Youth Services is a multi-social service agency subvented by the Social Welfare Department. The Agency provides social services including Clinical Psychological Service, Integrated Family Services, Small Group Homes, Foster Care Service, Integrated Home Care Service, District Youth Outreaching Social Work Service, Overnight Outreaching Service, Integrated Children & Youth Services Centres, Children and Youth Centre, After-School Care Service; School Social Work Service and Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers.

Sane Centre

The Centre is a designated service unit providing a continuum of direct community-based non-residential drug treatment and rehabilitation services as well as preventive education services to psychotropic substance abusers (PSAs) and young people at risk. Through a team of professional social workers and medical nursing staff, the Sane Centre is serving Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi districts on a cluster-basis with multi-level social work interventions entailing preventive, developmental, supportive and remedial functions.
The services of Sane Centre are to assist the habitual / occasional / potential PSAs and young people at risk in abstaining from abusing psychotropic substances and developing healthy lifestyle through a wide range of one-stop services like medical check-up, case work, group counseling services and referrals to community resources. The Centre endeavors to build up a supportive, caring and healthy community to the youth and service recipient by providing preventive education on awareness of psychotropic drug abuse, professional training, community publicity activities and support. The service also aims at facilitating the significant others of the PSAs, especially their family members, as well as other helping professionals / stakeholders involved in the helping process via a consonance of community organizations and collaboration.


  1. To help PSAs abstain from their drug-taking habit and develop a healthy lifestyle;
  2. To increase the drug awareness of those vulnerable to drug abuse and to steer them away from drugs;
  3. To reach out to black spots frequently visited by young PSAs for timely and early intervention;
  4. To provide counseling and assistance to family members of PSAs so as to help them deal with the problems;
  5. To provide professional training for allied professionals with a view to facilitating their assistance to PSAs;
  6. To maintain active collaboration with other stakeholders concerned, e.g. young people service units, police, schools, medical practitioners etc. in the identification and intervention process for PSAs; and
  7. To provide preventive education and publicity programmes to secondary school students and general public at community level.

  1. Habitual Psychotropic Substance Abusers (PSAs) who have developed physical and/or psychological dependence on drugs;
  2. Occasional PSAs who use psychotropic substance for various reasons without medical consultation;
  3. Potential PSAs who are in high risk environment / situation and/or ignorant of the risks and consequences of such abuse;
  4. Dischargees from self-financing drugs treatment and rehabilitation centres (DTRCs) in need of professional support and aftercare service in the community;
  5. The significant others of PSAs, such as the families, school personnels and employers;
  6. Allied professionals who are working with potential, occasional or habitual PSAs;
  7. General public, especially young people, at community level.


  1. Treatment and rehabilitative services for PSAs comprising assessment service, matching of mode of detoxification and relapse prevention, individual and group counselling service to help them resume normal functioning;
  2. Outreaching service to black spots frequently visited by young PSAs for early identification and intervention;
  3. Counselling and support services for early dischargees and/or relapse prevention/aftercare services for needy dischargees from self-financing residential drug treatment and rehabilitation centres (DTRCs) without such provision;
  4. Preventive education programmes for secondary students, potential or occasional PSAs, and for the general public at community level;
  5. Counselling service and supportive programmes for family members of PSAs;
  6. Expert information and advice on substance and substance abuse;
  7. Professional training for allied professionals who are working with habitual/occasional/potential PSAs;
  8. Outreaching and crisis intervention service or preventive programmes to address cross-boundary youth psychotropic substance abuse problem; and
  9. Any other services to meet the changing service demand and drug abuse scenes.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 2:00pm to 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays
(Services may be arranged out of office hours)


Units 03-04, 16/F., No. 99 Tai Ho Road,
Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Hong Kong Children & Youth Services
Sane Centre Office
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