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Service Kick-off !

張貼者:2010年10月3日 凌晨2:21IT Admin   [ 已更新 2010年10月3日 清晨7:03 ]
On October 1 Sane Centre has started to provide services after two month’s preparation work. The Centre is equipped with a strong professional team and will deliver direct services at premises borrowed from the church, schools, hospitals and a couple of district organizations. Services will be provided by outreaching social workers in the youth gathering places, too. Currently we are using a small room at our Agency’s Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre as administrative office, while in the long run; we will establish our Centre at an appropriate premise in the districts. In the coming months, we will continue to visit stakeholders in the community. We welcome any ideas on service collaboration and case referrals. Your support to our service is much appreciated.