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Core Services

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Counselling Service
Social workers will set up intervention plan with service user through assessment and counselling service. Cliients is encouraged to reveal their progress and examine their own needs.
Treatment and Support Group

Medical check-up services will be provided to enhance clients' motivation to change. Users will get mutual support through treatment and support group.
Left::Cognitive assessment
Support group to family members
Therapeutic and support group is arranged for family members to facilitate their emotional expression and interactive skills. This would help to bring up a constructive family environment to sustain the changes of service users.
 Top and Left:Family Support Group
School Support Services
Carrying with the theme of building a healthy life, a variety of services would be tailored-made in accordance with students' need in different schools.
Top and Left:School talks
Preventive and Community Education
The Centre will mobilize community support and collabortion among stakeholders so as to build up a healthy environment and growth direction of yound people.
Referral Services
The Centre will provide assessment and intake services for drug abusers, and to refer them to different specialise service for follow up treatment.
Left:referral to Substance Abuse Clinic
Outreaching Service

We will bring our portable equipment for preliminary assessment in our preventive community education services, and to identify service users at risk with different means of engagement.
Top:Roadshow on preventive education
Professional Training

We will arrange sharing and training to school teachers, members of Parent Teacher Assocation, medical doctors, NGOs, and to share our experience in drug assessment and early identification.